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Supply Warehouse discount supermarket for the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

Find the best bargain shops and cheap stores.

Discount shop - The Reject Shop

Find the Supply Warehouse discount supermarket for the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

A discount store or discount shop is a retail shop which sells products at prices that are lower than the typical market price. Discount stores/shops are not variety stores, which sell goods at a single price-point or multiples thereof.

Discount stores are often able to drop their prices due to efficient distribution methods.

An example of a discount grocery outlet.


Golden Circle Factory Outlet

Golden Circle Factory Outlet was opened by the Corboy family in Capalaba in April 2010.

We are not Golden Circle but have a contract with Heinz Australia/Golden Circle to sell their clearance stock and pass the savings on to our customers. But that’s not all! We also stock other major brands such as Cadbury, Kelloggs, McCains, Arnott’s, SPC and SunRice all at heavily discounted prices. Come in and see us today!

Are you owned by Golden Circle/Heinz Australia?

No. We are a privately owned company run by the Corboy family. We have a contract with Golden Circle/Heinz to sell their products but otherwise we are not affiliated. To contact Golden Circle/Heinz, please check their website at

Do you only sell Golden Circle branded products?

No. Approximately 30% of the products we sell are Golden Circle branded. The other 70% is made up of a variety of brands including Cadbury, Nestle, Lipton, Arnott's, Sunrice, McCain's and Greenseas, just to name a few.

Why is a product I bought last week not available this week?

GCFO is a clearance store. This means the products we sell have been sourced from companies due to over production, short date, dinted cans or the product is no longer being marketed. Therefore the availability will vary, meaning once we have sold out of a product, we may not be able to source that product again for some time.

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Discount grocery shop

Brisbane discount supermarket is cheaper than ALDI

Move over ALDI, there’s a discount supermarket that is set to take the title of the cheapest supermarket in town.

The Golden Circle factory outlet, a food warehouse known for dishing out the good stuff at ridiculously cheap prices in Queensland, has sent eager discount shoppers into a frenzy - and for very good reason.

A Bargain Hunter's Supply Guide to Brisbane

Brisbane is a paradise for bargain hunters and cheapskates if you know where to look. In fact there's so much on offer it it will need a series of articles to fit it all in.

You'll get the lowdown on low prices from food to flowers, meat to movies and everything in between.

Brisbane's Cheap Groceries

The Golden Circle Factory Outlet at Capalaba doesn't just offer discounted canned fruit and vegetables. They also stock brands like Kelloggs, McCain and Cadbury. They are open 7 days a week..

The Grocery Club at Rocklea describes itself as - Queensland's only genuine grocery clearance warehouse - and they claim that the savings on fridge and freezer stock can be as much as 80% off regular supermarket prices.

Cheap Fashion in Brisbane

The obvious place to shop for discounted fashion and accessories is DFO.

Trade Secret has thirteen Queensland stores, most of them in SE Queensland and Rivers has a host of clearance stores throughout Bribsane and Gold Coast. Don't forget that Brisbane is a paradise for second-hand and op shopping.